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Sonoma Orthopedics
Sonoma Orthopedics
Sonoma Ortho pedics

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Our flexible-to-rigid technology is already indicated for three different fractures.

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Strength from Within™

Our mission is to establish our revolutionary minimally invasive within-the-bone technologies as the fracture-healing treatment of choice for orthopedic surgeons by significantly improving patient outcomes and satisfaction.

Sonoma is #1 in Minimally-Invasive Pinning

Sonoma Orthopedic Products has developed revolutionary technology that transforms the way surgeons treat broken bones. Our patented, surgical pins support and align fractured bones from within. This elegant technology and technique preserves the surrounding muscles and skin. Thousands of patients have been delighted by their complete and quick recovery with minimal scars.
Clavicle Nailing

How it Heals

WRx insertion Insertion into bone - A high‐precision, anatomic pin is introduced into the center canal of a fractured bone through a tiny skin incision. The pin’s shape allows it to avoid joints and muscles while aligning the fractured pieces.


WRx activationActivation with talons - Once inside the bone, the surgeon activates the pin to release grippers to support the bone while it heals. Many surgeons describe it as acting “like a cast within the bone”.

After the fracture has healed, the pin can be removed leaving the bone strong and complete.