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Sonoma Orthopedics


Surgery Animations

FibuLock™ Ankle Nail


CRx® Clavicle Nail


WRx® Distal Radius Nail


Surgeon Testimonials

FibuLock™ Ankle Nail

Matthew Bradley, MD – FibuLock™ Patient Advantages


Salene Parekh, MD – FibuLock™  Patient Rehab


Salene Parekh, MD  – FibuLock™ Design Rationale


CRx® Clavicle Nail

Stephen Gunther, MD – Modern Treatments for Collarbone Repair


Stephen Gunther, MD – CRx® Patient Rehab


Stephen Gunther, MD – Advantages of CRx®

Patient Testimonials

CRx® Testimonial – The pin repairs a poorly healed collarbone


CRx® Testimonial – Using a pin to repair a refractured collarbone  after plate removal


CRx® Testimonial – Patient cancels her plate surgery to get a CRx®


CRx® Testimonial – A collarbone non-union healed with a pin!