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What Doctors Don’t Know

If you ever broke your collarbone and it did not heal correctly, it is probably because your doctor told you it would heal in a sling. Slings are literally ancient remedies for fractures. The main problem with slings is they do not hold the collarbone fragments in alignment during healing; this causes a malunion. The collarbone is the “strut” which holds the shoulder in alignment. If the collarbone does not heal back to its natural state, the shoulder will never function normally.

Unfortunately, about 50% of orthopedic surgeons (and many general doctors) recommend healing a broken collarbone by putting the patient in a sling.

This can lead to the following issues:

  • A 15% chance the bones will not fuse together at all1
  • A 30% chance the patient will be unhappy with the result1
  • The collarbone may heal in incorrect alignment which may make the patient unable to resume some sports
  • The healed collarbone may be shorter than the original collarbone; resulting in rotator cuff issues later in life
  • A large bump will develop under skin

The CRx® Collarbone Pin Is A Better Option

Sonoma Orthopedics offers the CRx® collarbone pin; which is a minimally-invasive method of fixing a poorly-healed collarbone. Only leading-edge orthopedic surgeons are currently trained in the technique. Fortunately, this number is rapidly increasing, due to clinical studies that have shown the CRx® to be superior to alternative treatments for collarbone fracture. See Product Overview 

You don’t have to live with shoulder pain and poor-function. See the Physician Locator to find a surgeon who can help you. Surgeons who use the CRx® say the people who have their poorly-healed collarbones fixed are their “happiest patients”.

The Poorly-Healed Collarbone: Malunion vs. Nonunion

When a collarbone fracture heals, there are three possible outcomes:

  • Heal anatomically
  • Heal at a non-anatomic angle; called a mal-union
  • The bone never heals together; called a non-union





Surgical Technique

Incision is Made

An incision is made over the lump in the shoulder and excess bone is shaved off.

Callus Removal

The collarbone is realigned and the Sonoma pin is inserted into the collarbone.

Correct CRx® is Inserted

The incision is closed and the scar fades over time.